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About Withdrawals On Piggybank™

The main savings feature on PiggyVest is called Piggybank™. Piggybank™ is strict. You can withdraw for FREE only on your set Withdrawal dates on your Piggybank™. You can set your own FREE withdrawal day OR you can use PiggyVest's 4 fixed FREE withdrawal dates every year by default.

You can withdraw anytime you want, however to ensure there's discipline and you don't withdraw carelessly, withdrawing outside your withdrawal day attracts a 3.5% breaking fee on the amount you are withdrawing from your Piggybank™.

Choose Your Own Day - Or Use The 4 Most Popular Withdraw Days

If you choose not to set your own withdrawal day, you will use your Piggybank™'s 4 default withdrawal days in a year (quarterly). This encourages a good saving culture with discipline

31st March

It is usually when people want to use their savings for the easter period and travel.

30th June

On this period, most users are withdrawing for summer and preparing for the holidays.

30th September

Most savers withdraw on this day for schools fees and educational related expenses.

31st December

The most popular withdrawal day. People usually withdraw to kickstart the new year.

How to Withdraw on PiggyVest

Enter Amount to Withdraw

Enter the specific amount you want to withdraw at the point in time, make sure it's correct and enter your PiggyVest password.

Money is Transferred

As soon as the withdraw button is clicked, your funds would be sent instantly (in most cases) to your connected bank account.

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